Support de Certificate Livecycle Manager (CLM) sur Windows Server 2008

Vu sur le blog "Identity Management" : le support de Certificate Livecycle Management (CLM) sur Windows Server 2008 (en version 32 bit, c'est pas gagné pour le 64 bit)

"With the release of Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 FP1 version 3.3.1087 we now support all components running on Windows Server 2008 32 bit as well as using Windows Server 2008 32 bit certificate authorities including clustered CA support. You can also set up multiple CLM servers using Network Load Balancing for redundancy on this layer as well. Running the ILM 2007 metadirectory services features on Windows Server 2008 has been supported for some time but we wanted to wait for CLM to support this as well before updating the system requirements pages on our ILM 2007 product pages. If you want all updates below you should download and apply the updates in KB946797 ( )"

L'article complet :

Rollup fix for ILM 2007 - Support for Windows Server 2008 now also for CLM

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