TechEd EMEA IT Professional - Anatomy of a Hack 2008 (Jesper Johansson)

Une super session présentée par Jesper Johansson sur l’évolution des codes malveillants. En fait c’est un cas pris en exemple mais qui illustre parfaitement le changement de la cybercriminalité (du code destructif vers l’extorsion de fonds).

"Lately there has been an increase in attackers attempting to monetize user's naivety. One of the methods currently in vogue is the use of fake anti-malware software, for which the user is expected to pay. This method permits the attackers to not only install malicious software on an unsuspecting user's computer, the victim also pays the attackers for the privilege. In this presentation, Jesper Johansson will demonstrate one such attack and show how to tell that it is fake."

Voir la vidéo :

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