Best repro steps. Ever

The worst thing for a dev to get is a bug with no easy repro steps. Invariably, what happens is the devs and tests exchange quite a few strongly-worded mails till the dev knows how exactly the tester hit the bug. The issue gets more complicated with LadyBug (MSDN Feedback) in the picture. The people who file bugs cannot always know what information would be required by the product team to analyze the issue so quite a few times we wind up asking questions like "What are the exact sequence of steps you did to hit this problem?".

So Jason K (I don't know who he is, but he would make an awesome SDET :-) ) went and made sure no such issues can arise with this bug in MSDN Feedback ( He attached a Flash video of not only how to repro the bug but also with explanatory text!

So if you want to file a bug which gets a quick response, learn from Jason :-)