Functional programming in C# - Reloaded!

My avid readers (all 3 of them) may remember my old post on functional programming in C#. Well, with all the coolness in Linq, functional programming in C# just got a lot easier.

Here's my old code

    public static Function<K,K1> Curry<K,K1>(Function<K,K1> func, params K1[] curriedArgs)
return delegate(K1[] funcArgs)

                    //Create a final array of parameters, having the curried parameters at the beginning, followed
// by the arguments at the time the generated delegate is called

K1[] actualArgs = new K1[funcArgs.Length + curriedArgs.Length];
curriedArgs.CopyTo(actualArgs, 0);
funcArgs.CopyTo(actualArgs, curriedArgs.Length );

//Call the function with our final array of parameters.
return func( actualArgs );



And here's the new C# 3.0/Linq code (just compiled this using the PDC bits. You can get it here)

public static Function<K, K1> Curry<K, K1>(Function<K, K1> func, params K1[] curriedArgs)

return funcArgs => func(Sequence.Concat(curriedArgs, funcArgs).ToArray());


The '=>' is C# 3.0's lambda operator. Lambda expressions are of the form

 (params) => expr.

Un-freaking-believably cool!

P.S Thanks to Don Box for pointing this out when I posted that entry a few weeks ago. And Anders for thinking up of all this stuff :-)