It's raining tennis balls

Microsoft has weird people. When you stroll through the corridors here, you’ll find people’s offices decked up in the weirdest of ways – posters, weird little gadgets,etc. You’ll also find lots of sports equipment – cricket bats, tennis balls and smelly basketball sneakers which haven’t been cleaned in weeks.


If you’re visiting the Microsoft office, be prepared to run into some of this weirdness as well. Like one poor soul found out today…


After intensely pounding away at my keyboard for hours, I went for a walk on my floor with  this person. The ground floor here is slightly staggered from the rest of the floors – if you drop something from the 3rd floor, it’ll fall into the visitor’s waiting area.


Which is exactly what happened today.


She was playing around with a tennis ball and it ‘accidentally’ rolled off the 3rd floor, underneath the railing. It fell 3 floors…right onto an unsuspecting visitor.


Not a pleasant thing to do to your visitors.


I wish I could tell you what happened next – but in a fit of cowardice, we ran away from the scene of the crime – like a couple of kids who had broken a window.


To the poor soul who had a close encounter with a tennis ball today. We are sorry. We really are. But can we have our ball back now?