[Non-techie] Aamir Khan starts blogging?

I saw this on Swaroop's blog first and was stunned - it seems like Aamir Khan, one of India's leading movie stars has started blogging on MSN Spaces (note that I say 'seems' since I haven't got any confirmation that it really is him). If you're totally new to Bollywood and Indian cinema, check out this Wikipedia article. In Hollywood terms, this is like Tom Cruise blogging :-)

Right now, there are tons of photos about his new movie and tons and tons of comments too.

I've seen lots of people shocked at seeing this. I'm not sure what people are more stunned about - Aamir blogging or that he's chosen MSN Spaces :-)

My bet is on this being authentic. However, if this is a hoax, it's a pretty good hoax!

Update: This seems to be authentic. The site http://server1.msn.co.in/SP05/Mangalpandey/index.html links back to the original space. Woohoo!