The MySpace generation

I really have to blame Russell Beattie for all this.

First he posted this entry called "Why MySpace scares the cr*p out of me" where he says

"Why? Because I just don’t get it. I wish I did, but I don’t. Those crazy kids today, and all that. I mean, I get the components of it all - community, pictures, messages, music, social networking, yada-yada, but I don’t *get* why MySpace in particular is popular. I don’t grok it down deep. Or Facebook for that matter (not that I’ve ever seen Facebook - what a competitive advantage, hey? If you’re out of school you can’t even see what the hell the site does!). Why did these sites get such traction when others didn’t?"

The scary thing is - I feel the same way. Though I'm half of Russell's age and the same age as most of MySpace's users.

Today, I went and did the unthinkable - I created a MySpace profile for myself. You can find it here (stole some of the CSS off Russell's profile to make mine look...less chaotic than the other profiles out there :-) . The sheer freedom offered is incredible-  pretty much any html and css goes. And boy, do the users exploit that!

I spent some time exploring MySpace - the sheer chaos there is incredible. Like I told someone "MySpace makes Orkut seem like an old-fashioned British tea party". I'm badly out of touch with the users of MySpace - though I'm probably the same age or a  couple of years older than most of them.

Russell sums it up very well in this post

 This disconnect scares me - for I have to create great software for these people and I don't understand them one bit.

Like Russell says, "I'm just a geek".