[VSD] Get your biscuits and emulators here!

After some considerable nudging from your truly (well - more like annoying the life out of him everyday), Abhi Khune has finally resumed his assumed-to-be-dead blog. Abhi is the devlead on CoreCon, the emulator and the debugger on VSD.So while I fritter away my time in the higher strata of managed code and data, Abhi makes sure that everything underneath us actually works.

I can't finish this without explaining the title of this post, can I? We run 'VSD Shiproom' every day at 3PM. Basically, all the leads, PMs and our PUM get together in a big room and look at where we are in the product, what are the incoming bugs, what are the bugs that require fixing,etc. These shiproom meetings are long drawn affairs and are full of love, drama and warfare with a few song and dance numbers thrown in.[1].

Abhi saved all of us from a slow death due to starvation by bringing biscuits to the shiproom everyday. Personally, I would prefer it if he brought chocolates or pizzas - but hey, who's complaining? "Why biscuits?", I can hear you wonder. Well, Abhi has the answer in his much-awaited comeback blog post.

I should also mention that Abhi worked on the CLR for several years and knows more about the CLR and perf than any sane person should.


 1. Well, maybe the song and dance bits are exaggerated a bit but this reminds me that I have to blog about a recent dance show by senior management in our product. More on that in future posts :-)