[VSD] Long names in the device emulator and other hacks

Do you hate the long names in the device emulator manager in Visual Studio 2005? Want to know where Visual Studio reads all the device emulator properties from? Do you think we should have named Windows Mobile versions after boybands instead of the year-suffix we do now? Well - now's your chance to do something about it (on your computer atleast) !  Marcus did some digging and found out where we hid all that information :-)

As Marcus says, mucking around with CoreCon files is completely unsupported so don't be surprised if your computer explodes or steals your car and drives off into the sunset with your spouse still in it.

If you have done something cool with devices and Visual Studio 2005, drop me a line by leaving a comment or mailing me at sriramk@you-know-where.com. Apart from applications,I would really love to see people go and create skins. As Marcus found out, the skin file is a xml file with pointers to a few images. If you have always wanted to create a killer phone, now is your chance..well..almost!