Article on offloading View Notification service on multiple servers for Project server 2003.

Steps to configure the Project Server 2003 application server to offload view Notification service:


On the front-end application server:(Where the project server URL is pointed)

1. Navigate to the following registry key and create a new String value as "Forward" with value "1".


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\11.0\MS Project\Services\Configuration\Views Notification



2. Navigate to the following registry setting:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\11.0\MS Project\WebClient Server\ xxxx \Datasets\ViewsFileDrop


XXXX - Name of the Virtual directory of your Project server instance.

(By default ProjectServer)

Drop Location - The folder where the Forwarder is going to pick the xml files to distribute across the servers

(By default C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Project Server 2003\BIN\VIEWDROP\)

For each project server running the View Processing service, add a sequential registry entry, for example ForwardUNC001, ForwardUNC002, ForwardUNC003, and so on, with the value being the directory path for the ViewDrop location on the server running the View Processing service. If you skip a number in the sequential order, it will be ignored and the Project Server front-end application server will return to the ForwaredUNC000 entry. Additionally, each registry entry can only represent a unique server running the View Processing service.

Additional Help on Load balance:


By default this forwarder configuration performs "simple Round Robin" logic to distribute the XML files across the View Notification servers.

To use external load balancer (NLB) to distribute the XML files, keep the view notification servers in load balancing environment and configure the load balanced URL as UNC path.

MS-Articles on Deploying Multiple View Processing Servers and Distributed Deployment


Important things to keep in mind:


=To complete the process of offloading the View Processing service, you must edit the registry on the front-end application server or servers in your Project Server deployment.

= To forward the xml files across the network, use "Windows Domain Account" for View notification service at the Front end server.