What is WinFx (netfx 3.0)

While attending the WCF TechEd booth the most frequent asked question we get is "What is WinFx". This question is asked because our big sign has that as the title and each sub-group has a sub title, in my case "Windows Communication Foundation."

I started writing the answer in my own words but I believe that the .NET Framework 3.0 website can answer that question better. https://www.netfx3.com/content/WhatIsNetFx3.aspx

In addition to the information on that website I can only add this tiny piece of information: Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation formerly were codenamed Indigo and Avalon respectfully. Numerous developers still know those technologies by their old codename.

The .NET Framework 3.0 (netfx3) is currently in Beta2 with a go-live license. NetFx3 is planned to be released with Vista AND for Windows XP as well as 2003.