How To Convert Individual Statement Using SSMA

You can use SSMA to convert a statement (such as PL/SQL) into T-SQL statement using SSMA. This functionality can be used, for example, to convert embedded SQL statement inside an application that connects to the database.

Use the following steps to convert individual statement:

  1. Open SSMA tool
  2. Create a New Project (or open an existing project)
  3. Connect to Oracle instance
  4. Connect to SQL Server instance
  5. Locate an Oracle Schema, Expand, Right click on Statements and Select Add Statement

  1. Type or Paste your statement in the SQL Editor on the upper right side window.

  1. Right Click on the statement item and Select Convert Schema

  1. Click Yes when prompted to Save Changes
  2. The converted statement is shown in the SQL Editor on the lower right side window. 


 Note: that before you convert the statement, you will need to convert your entire schema, otherwise, if your statement refers to a table and the table has not been converted, SSMA may return "identifier is not resolved" error.