Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint Server Service Pack 3

Un Service Pack 3 pour Forefront Security for SharePoint Server est disponible depuis quelques jours.

Quoi de neuf dans ce Service Pack ?

[extrait issu de la page de TechNet :]

New Features : Enhanced Quarantine Database and Functionality
Enhanced Incident Database and Functionality
General Options Panel
GZip Support
Read-only Client
Summary Notification after Manual Scan
Filtering by File Size
Realtime and Manual Scan jobs
Resizable UI
Custom Job Templates
New Configuration Management Tools
Realtime Diagnostics "live" on Enable Scanjob
100% Real-time and manual scanning of all Workspaces
In-Memory Scanning
Scan files by type
Remote Installation
Automatic Updates
Remote Administration
Virus Incident Notification and Reporting
PerfMon Statistics
Quarantine Database

Télécharger ce Service Pack : 

Note : pour ceux qui veulent voir des e-démos du produit c’est à l’adresse suivante :