This is Why Entrepreneurs Do It Themselves

If you have been in any kind of investing and building game while trying to get your startup traction, you are probably aware of the singlemost nagging problem entrepreneurs face: building a startup is just not very easy to accomplish. 

Going down the startup tunnel

While there may be some structural problems with markets (there is the ongoing debate about the Series A crunch for example), every aspect of building a startup is hard. First, you have a really difficult problem you are trying to solve out in the market. Then you have resources problems. Then you have the really difficult job of trying to create relationships with investors, who, by tradition and methodology, make themselves scarce because that makes their money have more impact.

But that's not news to entrepreneurs. Many of them became entrepreneurs precisely because they encountered something difficult in their everyday experience

William Wilkerson says he got into building a startup, because there are no jobs available for people with loads of talent.


Most people have to go elsewhere after school to find work. When I started my company the local college sent us 90 in 2 days. More than we could even afford to hire.

Marsh Cochran Sullivan? Well, he just gets pissed that there are problems out there and nobody to solve them. 

Danny Rodriguez blames it on his imagination:

The catalyst has been my imagination. My imagination fueled my passion for robotics, software and computing in general. As a child I dreamt of the future and what lay ahead. Being a part of inventing this future is my main purpose. Being entrepreneur is something I see as part of the steps I must take to get there.

And Ben Jackson, who is working on BagsUp, a social travel app, at the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure, says that for him it was just a natural extension of what he does in his day to day life

Agree about the struggle. It's hard to change the world. My catalyst was growing up seeing my father always working for himself. My first company was just a company. I wanted a company. I wasn't passionate about it and it didn't fly. Once I teamed my passion for computers with the passion to be self employed things happened. It gets you out of bed in the morning. Thanks for sharing everyone.

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