This Week's Best Developer and Entrepreneur Conversations on Facebook

Facebook has a really poor way of archiving and curating great conversations. Since Facebook is basically collecting all the data for itself, you can't really keep track of it. That's why every week we take the time to archive the great conversatoins here, so that you can use them for your benefit, and find access to them easily. 

You can participate in these daily conversations with over 36,000 developers, entrepreneurs, and investors by joining us on Facebook, but you have to Like the page, or you will miss out. These are the best conversations that have occurred in the past week. To take advantage of these conversations, join us on Facebook by liking us. 

Conversations are selected for veracity and included in weekly announcements here and on LinkedIn. You can also join us there, for consistent knowledge sharing

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Problems Travel Entrepreneurs Solve 

How to Find a Co-Founder 

What To Do Well, What To Avoid In Startup Building 

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