April 18, 2013 News Thursday: Windows Azure Introduces Infrastructure Services, Commitment to Match Amazon Pricing and more

by STB Blogger



Windows Azure Introduces Infrastructure Services, Commitment to Match Amazon Pricing

Windows Azure Infrastructure Services advances the industry by enabling an unmatched ability to combine on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud technology. Not only does Windows Azure Infrastructure Services let customers make the best cloud choice for their business, but Microsoft will match Amazon Web Services’ prices for commodity services such as compute, storage, and bandwidth. With Windows Azure, customers can choose to implement a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution that integrates existing IT infrastructure with all the benefits of the public cloud such as greater speed, scale and economics. With the announcement of general availability of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services on Tuesday, Microsoft has a cloud solution that lets customers preserve their existing investments on-premises while taking advantage of the cloud.

For more details on this announcement, please visit the Windows Azure blog.


Microsoft Partners Embrace Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

With Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, Microsoft partners are enabling customers to quickly and easily move existing applications to the cloud. This week, several partners issued announcements in
support of the general availability of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services. Announcements included:

  • Aditi Technologies announced a new infrastructure as a service offering that runs on Windows Azure.
  • Avanade highlighted how Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Windows Azure Virtual Networks will enable customers to connect their on-premises and public cloud infrastructures.
  • Canonical revealed that Ubuntu on Windows Azure is fully certified and has been tested and optimized for performance and reliability.
  • SUSE announced the general availability of Basic Support and Priority Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Windows Azure.
  • RightScale announced enterprise support for Windows Azure Infrastructure Services to help customers achieve faster cloud adoption as well as automated, multi-cloud management.
  • Bitnami made its library of open source applications available on Windows Azure, free of charge.
  • Vision Solutions highlighted its Double‐Take MOVE solution, designed to enable customers to migrate their Windows Server workloads to Windows Azure Infrastructure Services.

To learn more about Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, visit the Windows Azure blog.