February 23, 2012 News Thursday: SQL Azure Reduced Pricing, Added Language Support for Windows Azure Marketplace, and More Server and Tools News…

by STB Blogger

SQL Azure Announces Reduced Pricing and New 100MB Database Option

SQL Azure has announced that it is lowering its prices and is introducing a 100MB database option, in efforts to meet evolving customer needs across both ends of the database size spectrum. The price reductions and new entry-level database option are the result of both customer feedback and evolving usage patterns which have emerged.

Many projects start small but need to quickly grow in size. Also, many cloud adopters and customers with smaller workloads want an inexpensive option for modest usage.

Customers will realize 48% to 75% savings for databases larger than 1GB. The 100MB DB option enables customers to get started using SQL Azure at half of the previous price, while still providing the full range of features including: high availability, fault tolerance, self-management, elastic scale-out, on-premises connectivity, and full Service Level Agreement. 

More information on this announcement can be found on the Windows Azure blog and full details on the new pricing can be found here.

Windows Azure Marketplace Now Available in Six Languages

Available in 26 countries around the world, Windows Azure Marketplace, an online market for data providers and developers to buy and sell datasets and applications, is now available in six languages including Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.  This update enables developers in non-English markets to find and purchase products in their native language.

We’ve also enabled HTML5 applications to consume data sets from the Windows Azure Marketplace. This is made possible through OData support for JSON and JSONP.

You can read more about the updates on the Windows Azure blog.

Microsoft’s "Cloud 101 Jump Start" Prepares Executives for Cloud Conversations

On March 13, 2012, Microsoft will host “Cloud 101 Jump Start”, a free, half-day, online learning experience designed to help organizational leaders participate in strategic conversations about why and how the Cloud transforms their business. This educational event is tailored for busy executives who need the knowledge and confidence to actively participate in these key customer conversations.

For more information on “Cloud 101 Jump Start”, including the course schedule and instructor bios, and to register for the event, visit the Microsoft Certified Community Connection page.

Meet the Team Behind Windows Server "8”

Check out this Microsoft News Center story featuring several members of the team behind the Windows Server 8 release. Erin Chapple, Group Program Manager, Windows Server Manageability, Betsy Speare, Principle Program Manager lead, Windows Server Manageability, and  Jeffrey Snover, Lead Architect for Windows Server, recently sat down with News Center to discuss their roles at Microsoft, the advances in Windows Server 8, and the ways in which servers are shaping the future of technology.

Read the full interview on the Microsoft News Center page.