Microsoft Focuses on Bringing Modeling Mainstream, Improves IT Delivery of Business Strategies

Today in this video, Bob Muglia re-affirmed Microsoft’s commitment to modeling and discussed how modeling relates to Dynamic IT, how Microsoft plans to make the technology mainstream and why modeling is important


Video: Microsoft Modeling

Modeling is a core pillar of Dynamic IT, which focuses on helping customers improve organizational agility and optimize how systems and people work together.

 Accompanying this vision-focused announcement, Microsoft will also issue a press release highlighting it has joined the Object Management Group (OMG) to promote greater interoperability and advance the state of modeling in the application development industry.

This announcement points to Microsoft’s commitment to make modeling mainstream and interoperable across platforms. Customers will benefit from a fully integrated approach to modeling – one that spans the full breadth of the Microsoft platform, incorporates industry best-of-breed standards and applications, and streamlines collaboration among all key participants in the application lifecycle.

For more information on modeling, please visit the press release.