Microsoft Silverlight and Akamai Innovate To Bring HD Video Experiences Online

Only two weeks after the release of Silverlight 2, Microsoft is working to up the ante once again for online streaming video.  Today at Digital Hollywood in LA, Microsoft introduced a new service called Internet Information Services (IIS 7.0) Smooth Streaming.  Smooth Streaming adapts online video streams to each user's changing connectivity speed, which cuts down start-up times and eliminates buffering, creating a more dynamic and enjoyable Web media experience. 

In addition, Microsoft is furthering its commitment to bring the ultimate media experience to the Web by working with Akamai Technologies to provide Akamai AdaptiveEdge Streaming for Microsoft Silverlight.  Powered by Windows Server 2008 and Silverlight, and enabled by IIS 7.0 Smooth Streaming, Akamai AdaptiveEdge Streaming is a high-definition adaptive streaming content delivery service, allowing viewers to experience HD video on their PCs like never before.

To find out more about Silverlight and Akamai's announcement at Digital Hollywood, please visit the Microsoft Silverlight Virtual Pressroom to view the press release at: