Screen Actors Guild Selects Windows Azure

by STB Blogger

One of the entertainment industry’s leading organizations chose to use a Windows Azure solution for its data needs. The Screen Actors Guild moved their Linux based website to Azure to support their biggest annual event, the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
Each year, the Screen Actors Guild experiences increased traffic to its awards site, which peaks the eve of its annual award ceremony. The ceremony marks SAG’s biggest traffic day of the year.
Windows Azure helped the SAG website handle the anticipated traffic spike during its 2012 SAG Awards show, which generated an almost 50% increase in visits and 80% increase page views over the previous year.
The Windows Azure team is thrilled that the entertainment industry is finding creative ways of leveraging the cloud. We look forward to continue watching these new and exciting solutions unfold.
You can read more about the announcement in the full release on Microsoft News Center.