Windows Azure Named Cloud Storage Leader

by STB Blogger

Microsoft is thrilled to announce that an independent report published today named Windows Azure the leading Cloud Storage Provider (CSP). The report showed Windows Azure took a significant leap ahead of last year’s leader, Amazon S3, to secure the top spot this year.

In the annual State of the Cloud Storage Industry Report, Nasuni compared leading CSPs and evaluated them based on performance, scalability and stability. According to the report, “…it is clear that Microsoft’s investments in Azure are starting to pay dividends and that the technology they are providing to the market is second to none.”

According to the Report

  • Windows Azure consistently performed better than all other CSPs in the study, which included Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, HP Cloud Object Storage, and Rackspace Cloud Files.
  • Windows Azure delivered the best Write/Read/Delete speeds across a variety of file sizes, with the fastest response times and fewest errors.
  • Windows Azure not only outperformed the competition significantly during the raw performance tests, but it was the only CSP to post zero errors during 100 million reads and writes.

To read the full report, please visit the Nasuni State of the Cloud Storage Industry Report. Additional information can also be found here.