[News]All-In-One Code Framework---Ready to Rock!

Some of my colleagues are building a code sample project on codeplex. I think it an very useful and interesting project which can help many community members who want to startup in a certain programming technology and look for some basic samples. Here is the introduction of this project:


All-In-One Code Framework(CodeFX)

Have you ever needed a quick understanding of a technique, e.g. ActiveX or VSX, but been daunted by the few or too many samples and documents that are available on the Internet? Have you ever downloaded or created a good sample, e.g. a named pipe sample for IPC, but forgotten where the sample was placed after a few days? Have you ever wanted a simple test environment, e.g. a COM object or a DLL, but become tired of frequently creating such projects and naming them as "ClassLibrary1", "ClassLibrary2", "ClassLibraryABC"?

If your answer is YES to any one of these questions, this All-In-One Code Framework will be of assistance to you.

I recently see this project in CodePlex. This project is a demonstration of most Microsoft development techniques, for example COM component, ADO.NET, Interop technology, DLL delay loading, .NET Framework, etc.

You can see the basic project architecture in the following diagram:

Examples for COM and ActiveX:

Examples for Library:

Examples for IPC and RPC:


Read some currently existing code samples, I am interesting of .NET implementation of ActiveX control(VBActiveX, CSActiveX), DLL delay loading, COM client hosting CLR, LINQ samples. It is appropriate for you to learn and understand the unfamiliar techniques, for example COM, IPC, etc. You can have a look at this project in https://cfx.codeplex.com/ to play with it. Enjoy it!