Do OM12 Management Servers have different registry keys?

Now everybody has downloaded OM12 Release Candidate, it’s time to start exploring. Let’s start exploring the registry of the Management Servers for OM12.

And off course we are going to use PowerShell to browse through the OM12 Registry.

Let’s open the registry for OM12 on our first Management Server by starting PowerShell with the Run as Administrator option.

cd "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager"

get-childitem –recursive



With the following command we get the properties of the different registry keys.

First set the  $ErrorActionPreference = silentlycontinue (this will make sure we don’t see any error messages, which I got due to an issue with long file names)

Get-ChildItem 'hklm:\software\microsoft\microsoft operations manager' -Recurse | ForEach-Object {Get-ItemProperty $_.pspath}





But would not it be nice to compare the registry keys between two Management Servers?

I found that exporting the registry keys using Regedit and than using the Compare-Object cmdlet was the easiest way to use.


You can use the following command to export the Microsoft Operations Manager keys.

regedit /e d:\temp\exportregkeyserver1.reg "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\Microsoft Operations Manager"


Just use the same command (only change the name of the file you want to export the registry key to) on your other Management Server and copy the result to your first Management Server.

Now we can use the Compare-Object Cmdlet to compare the different Registry keys from the two Management Servers.

Compare-Object $(Get-Content "D:\temp\exportregkeyserver1.reg") $(Get-Content "D:\temp\exportregkeyserver2.reg") | ft –wrap



So the most important differences between the Management Server I installed first and the second Management Server is the Reporting Key:

get-itemproperty "hklm:\software\microsoft\microsoft operations Manager\3.0\Reporting"



Don’t forget to change you $ErrorActionPreference = continue

Have fun exploring OM12 Winking smile