Extract Exchange 2010 Management Pack files from MSI file

Today I wanted to have a look at the Exchange 2010 Management Pack files, but I did not had access to an OpsMgr 2007 environment and only had my laptop with Windows 7 running with me. So I started to download the Exchange 2010 MP from the Microsoft PinPoint Website.

After the download had finished I tried to install the Exchange2010ManagementPackForOpsMgr2007-EN-x64.msi file but it failed with the next error.



Although you could argue that Windows 7 is a higher OS than Windows Server 2003 I opened Orca to have a look at the MSI Installer. But than I remembered you can easily extract files from a MSI using the next commands:

msiexec /a Exchange2010ManagementPackForOpsMgr2007-EN-x64.msi /qb TARGETDIR="c:\temp\exchange2010"




And there they where, the MP files I was looking for Smile



Have fun!