How to cheat on Twitbrain using PowerShell

The last couple of weeks I’m trying to be the fastest on @twitbrain. Twitbrain is a challenge to answer calculation questions like How much is? 713 – 63 * 3



But the more people following @twitbrain on Twitter the more difficult it becomes to be the first who answers the question correct.

So I thought of a way to cheat on Twitbrain. Call me evil, but I only cheated 3 times, and it was just for the PowerShell learning experience. I won’t do it again. I hope you all can forgive me ;-)

So how did I cheat?

I used PowerShell to do the math for me and post the result on Twitter as soon as there was a new challenge on the Twitbrain website.

For those interested you can find the PowerShell script on Poshcode. But please don’t use it anymore because that would spoil Twitbrain for all those who want to play it fair!

You could easily use the example for other websites where you want to find info and post it on Twitter.