System Center Operations Manager 2012 Toolbox

After posting some years ago a blog post with all the OpsMgr 2007 tools I thought it would be time for a new OM2012 Toolbox blog post.


Tool Purpose Description Author Webpage
MPViewer 2.2 MP Viewing

The previous version 1.7 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 2.1.2 has been updated to work with OpsMgr 2012, and now includes support for MPB files (MP Bundles) as well as the ability to Unseal and Unpack MP Bundles. Warning: only MP Bundles that contain a single ManagementPack are supported; there are some Service Manager MPBs that contain multiple ManagementPacks in a single bundle, and this tool currently cannot deal correctly with those.

Daniele Muscetta Link
OverrideExplorer 3.5 MP Viewing The previous version 3.3 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 3.5 has been updated to work with OpsMgr2012 and includes some minor fixes, as well as the capability to Export all overrides to an Excel spreadsheet. Daniele Muscetta Link
Proxy Settings 1.2 View Proxy Settings The previous version 1.1 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 1.2 is functionally identical to the previous version but has been just recompiled to work with OpsMgr 2012 SDK. Daniele Muscetta Link
Management Pack Compare Util Management Pack Compare Util

This utility allows you to compare Management Packs between your Operations Manager and/or Service Manager environments.

Online catalog check is also available.

Changes in this version:

  • Added Service Manager support
  • Change to grid views
  • Clear grid option
  • More compare options
  • Colors changed to help visibility 
  • Management group versions added
Robert Ryan Link
SCOMTypeView for MP Developer MP Authoring

SCOMTypeView is a tool help MPAuthor visualize ManagementPackClass, ManagementPackRelationship, showing them in treeview. The most important, you can see how the specific MonitoringObject is connected with other MonitoringObject. This tool connect to your local ManagementGroup, showing real data in time.  

Haitao Chen Link

Coretech XML Connector for SCOM 2012

Connector Service A connector with both two way communication and with configuration possibilities. This connector will work fine with other Monitoring systems, as well as your HelpDesk system; Remedy, Servicenow etc. CoreTech Link
System Center 2012 Operations Manager – Alert Update Connector Connector Service

The Alert Update Connector can modify alert custom fields with additional information useful for situations like controlling alert forwarding to incident management systems and help reduce noise in the incident creation process.

Microsoft Link
GTMTool Dashboard Authoring

In OpsMgr 2012, we provided users the ability to create customized dashboards using the OpsMgr 2012 console. The GTM.exe tool provided in this blog allows you to build off these dashboard investments, in particular we allow you to accomplish three specific tasks that you cannot do via the console.

1. Turn IT Pro Console created dashboards into shippable MPs by stripping out management group specific parameters (removes MG GUIDs from dashboard MPs)

2. Provides the ability to have a custom dashboard show up under any Management Pack folder in the Monitoring view.

3. Have a custom dashboard be launched from the task pane when you pick a specific computer or object.

Satya Vel Link
Operations Manager 2012 Sizing Helper Tool Design The OpsMgr 2012 Sizing Helper is an interactive document designed to assist you with planning & sizing deployments of System Center 2012 Operations Manager. It helps you plan the correct amount of infrastructure needed for a new OpsMgr 2012 deployment, removing the uncertainties in making IT hardware purchases and optimizes cost. A typical recommendation will include minimum hardware specification for each server role, topology diagram and storage requirement. Microsoft Link
System Center 2012 Operations Manager (SCOM) Visio Stencil  Design  System Center 2012 Operations Manager (SCOM) Visio Stencil    Link

Let me please know if I’m missing some other great OM2012 tools.