What is Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)?

Did you hear about Pro Packs or Pro Tips lately? And do you know what they are? I saw this question in an internal mail thread and I must say I didn’t knew much about it also. So here is some info about PRO which is a new feature of SCVMM 2008.

PRO or Performance and Resource Optimization is a new feature in VMM 2008 which leverages the monitoring and alerting capabilities of Operations Manager 2007 to surface Tips or recommendations within VMM which help administrators ensure a high performance and efficient virtualized environment.  By leveraging OpsMgr’s MP framework partners and customers can create PRO enabled MPs which surface these Tips in VMM and have associated actions (Users can configure them to run manually or automatically) which implement the recommendations made to resolve issues or increase the efficiency of the environment.

Example: Operations Manager gets an alert that the CPU on an HP physical host is exceeding utilization threshold. The HP PRO Pack generates a PRO Tip based on that alert and sends it to VMM. Based on HP policies specified in the PRO Pack, the recommended action is to migrate VM workloads to another host to free up resources. The administrator implements the PRO Tip and VMM uses Intelligent Placement to determine the best destination for the virtual machines in the cluster. The VM is migrated to another host and Operations Manager is alerted of the fix and the status returns to green.

You can find more info on Pro Packs, Pro Tips and System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 on the Windows Virtualization Team Blog.