Window Key combinations in Remote Desktop Sessions

This time not a blog post about System Center but a blog post  on how to use Windows Key Combinations in Remote Desktop Sessions.

I really love to use Windows Key Combination on my Windows 8 and Windows 2012 machines and one of my most favorite combinations is the Win+X combination. Check here for a great overview of the Windows Key Combinations.

But last week I connected to one of my remote machines using a Remote Desktop Connection and my Windows Key combinations did not work in the RDP session. And instead of searching for more information I thought about using PowerShell and some PInvoke to use Windows Key combinations and I got something working Smile Check the video and the example code I used to achieve this.

But one Windows Key combination was not working and that was my favorite Win-X combination. Sad smile

And after asking around internally and via social media I got some great tips on how to use Windows Key combinations in RDP Sessions using different RDP Clients.

If you are using Remote Desktop Connection Manager you can configure your setting for the Local Resources Tab for the Server Properties.


If you are using the mother-of-all RDP Clients Royal TS you can even do more! Royal TS is a simple, yet powerful tool for administrators, developers, system engineers and many other IT focused information workers that supports them in working effortless with their remote systems or management consoles.


What I love about Royal TS that you have some Remote Action buttons to open the App Bar, Charms, Snap, App Switch and Start menu. How cool is that?


Enjoy using your Windows Key combination both locally and remotely!