Agile Development with Visual Studio - Slides

If you’re curious to get an overview of Agile Development in Visual Studio, here are some slides that may help. I gave a talk this afternoon at TechEd EMEA that covered the full set of Agile features in VS scaling from Visual Studio Express all the way up to Visual Studio Team System.


Here is a quick overview of the agile feature set in 2008 and in 2010 from the talk for your reference:

Visual Studio 2008:

C# / VB Refactoring
Database Refactoring
C# / VB Unit Testing
Database Unit Testing

Static Analysis
Code Metrics
Checkin Policy

Test/Build Integration
Continuous Integration Build
Build Notifications

Agile Planning
Agile Reporting
Agile Guidance
Team Site

Many Partner Templates:
Scrum Templates (Conchango, others)
FDD Template (Cognizant)
XP Template
Comprehensive library:

Other Partner Integrations:


Visual Studio 2010 (Features in the Current CTP):

EVERYTHING From 2008 +
Test Driven Development
Test Impact Analysis

Gated Checkins
Buddy Builds
Distributed Builds

NEW Agile Template WITH:
Parent-Child Hierarchy
Excel Planning Workbooks
Even More Reports
New Sample Docs and Templates
New SharePoint 3.0 Team Site:
Includes Team Wiki and all other SharePoint 3.0 features
**Planned for Beta: Agile Dashboards w/MOSS-based Excel Services Reporting

For people from the session who wanted the deck, I’ve posted it here for reference: [ link to ppt ].

All of the 2008 demos were done using a simple tictactoe solution. If people are interested in this source, I’ll clean it up and post it back to this site.

All of the 2010 demos were done from the 2010 CTP: [ link to ctp download site ].