Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson

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Normally I like to post about Visual Studio VSTS and TFS related information. Feel free to skip this one as it’s not about the product. I thought I’d just address questions from folks who were asking about the name change on the top of the blog to “Stephanie Cuthbertson”. I got married this year, in February. :)

Quick FAQ for the top questions I’ve been asked:

  • Yes, you can still use old email address – The alias is not changing.
  • Yes, Saad is now the middle name
  • I cannot pronounce “Cuthbertson” either yet. :)


A couple folks have asked how we met. A few years ago when I went over to borrow some snow camping gear from one of my best friends here in Seattle for a church trip out on the Pacific Crest Trail. This really sweet-heart guy helped me carry stuff to my car. Turned out he was also really smart and thoughtful and… well, I ended up married. :) Here’s a couple quick pictures of Cory…

After a bike trip through the Santa Cruz mountains & in Hawaii:

Cory    image


And the wedding:




So there you have it. :) Back to VSTS!