TFS Beta 1 Information

Dev10 Beta 1 has shipped! We are really excited to have you trying our Beta and giving us feedback.

The TFS team has pulled together some really nice content to help you get ready for TFS 2010 and also delve into Beta 1. I’ve been reading through all the posts this morning, and  I wanted to aggregate the list for you as I thought it might be helpful reading.



Area Posts Author
Reporting TFS Relational Warehouse & Cube Schema Changes for 2010 Sunder Raman
Sharepoint SharePoint Integration in 2010 Jon Tsao
Sharepoint SharePoint sites, sub-sites and collections – differences in TFS 2010 Jon Tsao
Compatibility TFS 2010 Compatibility in Beta 1 John Nierenberg
Compatibility TFS 2010 Compatibility Overview John Nierenberg
Upgrade Overview/Intro to Upgrade for 2010 Brian Krieger
Upgrade Guiding Principles around Major System Upgrades Brian Krieger
Upgrade / Sharepoint Migrating SharePoint Content in prep for 2010 upgrade Brian Krieger
Version Control Version Control Schema Changes Matt Mitrik



We’re always interested in what other content would be helpful to our community and we gauge that to determine how much energy to invest in information like this – I’d love to know feedback on whether this is helpful, or if you’d like to see additional info from us.

BTW, here’s a quick and easy link to the Beta if you didn’t have it already… [ TFS Beta 1 ] and [ VSTS Beta 1 ]


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