Developing Apps For Office

So – I’ve been playing a lot with Apps for Office lately. I even wrote and published an app:

My management encouraged me to put together a presentation on everything I learned while developing this app. I did, and they asked me to record a video of me delivering this presentation. So – now you all get to hear me drone on about App development. Here’s the entry on the Partner Technical Services blog containing my presentation:

And here’s the direct YouTube link:

Microsoft Office - Lessons Learned Developing Apps for the Office Store

and the direct link to the slide deck:!AOsqoQIn-Xb4nBk&&wdSlideId=274

In case you don’t want to dig through the slide deck for the links I reference, here they all are:

Topic Link
Getting Started
Trusted Sites Workaround https://*, and discussion:
Office App Validation Policy
Mail App Permission Levels and
App Limitations

Finally, my JQuery EWS parsing trick:

 (function ($) {
     $.fn.filterNode = function (name) {
         return this.find('*').filter(function () {
             return this.nodeName === name;
function callback(asyncResult) {
         var response = $.parseXML(asyncResult.value);
         var responseDOM = $(response);
         var Prop = responseDOM.filterNode("t:InternetMessageHeaders")[0];