Exchange 2013 Compatible MAPICDO

As several of you have noted, we recently released an update for the MAPICDO package. This is the update you have all been waiting for, as it is now possible to build an RPC/HTTP enabled profile to connect to Exchange 2013. What several of you have also noticed is that this update did NOT come with any guidance for HOW to build such a profile. Such guidance does exist, but hasn’t been published yet. I had delayed commenting on this new package until the guidance was ready, but it’s taking longer than I thought it would.

I’m working with the team responsible for publishing the guidance to get it out the door. We’ve almost got it ready, so I expect to see it up on the download site (or the Exchange blog) any day now. Once that guidance is published, Dave will most likely publish an updated version of his How to Build a Profile For MFCMAPI guidance. I’ll link to both as soon as they’re public.