BitLocker command line interface

Last week at TechEd Europe I showed the BitLocker command-line interface. At other TechEds I've mentioned it but didn't show it. The CLI provides full control over BitLocker, including enabling it on any NTFS volume on the system (the Control Panel UI displays only the volume containing the operating system).

To run it:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt
  2. Change to %WINDIR%\System32
  3. Enter cscript manage-bde.wsf

For the curious, "bde" expands to "BitLocker drive encryption."

With no parameters, the output is:

Configures BitLocker Drive Encryption on disk volumes.

Parameter List:
-status Provides information about BitLocker-capable volumes.
-on Encrypts the volume and turns BitLocker protection on.
-off Decrypts the volume and turns BitLocker protection off.
-pause Pauses encryption or decryption.
-resume Resumes encryption or decryption.
-lock Prevents access to BitLocker-encrypted data.
-unlock Allows access to BitLocker-encrypted data.
-autounlock Manages automatic unlocking of data volumes.
-protectors Manages protection methods for the encryption key.
-tpm Configures the computer's Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
-ForceRecovery or -fr
Forces a BitLocker-protected OS to recover on restarts.
-ComputerName or -cn
Runs on another computer. Examples: "ComputerX", ""
-? or /? Displays brief help. Example: "-ParameterSet -?"
-Help or -h Displays complete help. Example: "-ParameterSet -h"

manage-bde -status
manage-bde -on C: -RecoveryPassword -RecoveryKey F:\
manage-bde -unlock E: -RecoveryKey F:\84E151C1...7A62067A512.bek