NAP case study published

Another new resource for you... I know from my time with customers in meetings and at events that NAP is something you're all very interested in. You're also being a bit cautious, waiting to see how the market matures, and hoping to learn how some customers have implemented it. Recently we published our first NAP case study. The government of Fulton County serves a population of nearly one million in northwest Georgia. Its IT department supports 5,000 employees in 400 buildings, dozens of agencies, airports, fire stations, police stations, courts, public-health clinics, and libraries. Its mixed IT infrastructure includes mainframes, clustered servers, workstations, desktop computers, multiple operating systems, dozens of vertical applications, and a sophisticated network encompassing multiple topologies and protocols. Having faced network disruptions in the past due to noncompliant computers, the county needed a new security solution. In response, it is deploying Windows ServerĀ® 2008 to take advantage of Network Access Protection (NAP). After an initial deployment, help-desk call volume decreased by 75 percent, for a projected annual savings of more than U.S.$150,000 in maintenance costs.

Take a look at It's a quick read. Glad to see they chose to use IPsec-based enforcement, it's my favorite :)