Tools in the proposed consumer security book

Oh, I forgot to mention that we're planning some tools for the consumer book, too. The first will help you set yourself up as a least-privileged user. It would detect how you're running now, create an account for managing the system and running games and older application, and then change the privileges of all other accounts on the system.

The second tool is a web site password manager. Unlike similar tools, this one would generate all the passwords for you, making them as strong as possible (possibly using predefined character sets for common sites). Unless you specifically instruct it to, the tool never shows you the password; instead, it copies the password to the clipboard so that you can paste it into a field. The tool uses a master pass phrase or an automatically-generated key stored on a USB drive to generate passwords on the fly, so that it never needs to store actual passwords. There will be an option to export your password list so that, for shared sites, you can share passwords.