Who is "dodacrazy" and what is a "montize buddy"?

Check this out:


Hey Steve you and your montize buddy Scott will soon have your hands full after the federal officers come down on your data scams and as for your educational acts i'm not buying it and if others are willing to trade your data for their profits guess there are fools born everyday tunnels oh I see drug dealers right Stevo

Normally I delete spam from my comments, and have occasionally deleted mindless ranting criticism (I encourage vigorous discussion of ideas, but won't allow personal attacks). However, this guy's comment is just...weird.

  • What's a "montize buddy Scott"? I know lots of Scotts, and once even admired a particular "Montgomery Scot." But "montize"? Maybe it's a new kind of malt.
  • I don't believe I'm perpetuating any data scams, none that I know of, anyway. If any of you, my readers, feel that I'm scamming your data, I guess I haven't concealed that fact well enough. Oops, sorry! We'll have to add another item to the constantly-growing list of data breaches.
  • While it's true that some of my conference appearances aren't free, no one is certainly forced to buy any of my "educational acts." A lot of my presentations you can download for free!
  • I never look in tunnels for my supplies, they're too dark and you can never be totally certain of what you're getting.

Thanks, dodacrazy, for a good Thursday morning laugh!