Developing SharePoint Applications using Windows Azure Set to Publish on July 7th

I’m sure if you’re reading this you probably know that one of Microsoft’s key directions in the future is Windows Azure; I’ve been writing and presenting on this for a while and have also been discussing how you can integrate SharePoint 2010 with Windows Azure in various ways. If bringing these two technologies together is new to you, though, check out this earlier post.

As an extension of these efforts, I’m pleased to announce that Developing SharePoint Applications using Windows Azure is set to go live on July 8th. This book is very much hands-on and driven by walkthroughs; not so much theoretical. It is an outcrop of me exploring how these two technologies integrate and bringing this to you so you can can get your feet wet.

You can order your copy from here. If you’re wondering what’s inside the book, here’s a glimpse at the TOC.

Chapter 1 Welcome to SharePoint and Windows Azure

Chapter 2 Getting Started with SharePoint and Windows Azure

Chapter 3 Consuming SQL Azure Data

Chapter 4 SQL Azure and Advanced Web Part Development

Chapter 5 Using Windows Azure BLOB Storage in SharePoint Solutions

Chapter 6 Integrating WCF Services and SharePoint

Chapter 7 Using SQL Azure for Business Intelligence

Chapter 8 Using the Windows Azure Service Bus with SharePoint

Chapter 9 Using Windows Azure WCF Services in SharePoint and Office

Chapter 10 Securing Your SharePoint and Windows Azure Solutions

The goal for the book is not only to drive you to practice coding/integrating SharePoint and Windows Azure but also to work hand-in-glove with the SharePoint and Windows Azure Developer Training Kit, which you’ll also see evolve over the coming weeks and months.

I’m very excited this project is out and look forward to evolving the code samples and kit in the future.

We’ll be shipping a limited supply to WPC, so if you’re attending make sure you stop by the SharePoint and Windows Azure booth to get your free copy!!