Office & Sharepoint Development at PDC

The Professional Developer Conference (PDC) is quickly approaching, and if you have not registered yet I would encourage you to do so. PDC is about what’s here today in terms of technology, but mostly tries to cover what’s coming. The ‘what’s coming’ part can range from months to in some cases 2 year visions, but in the case of Office and SharePoint it’s a matter of months. Here’s a taste of what’s coming to PDC for business productivity for the developer.

First the keynote. Kurt DelBene, Senior VP in Office, will be doing the keynote this year. Kurt is a very technical guy and is great when it comes to talking to developers. He understands the space and the audience very well, and it’s great that he can be there to kick off PDC for us.

Second the sessions. At PDC, Office and SharePoint have a number of great sessions. For example, some highlights on what you’ll see are:

Overall, there’s a great line-up to learn a lot about how to develop for Office and SharePoint (and even UC and CRM/xRM) as well as a ton of other topics as well ranging from Silverlight to Azure, so make sure you register today and come out to PDC ready to have your brain bleed code!

You can check out all of the sessions at PDC here:

You can check out all of the keynotes for PDC here: (Click Keynotes.)

And most importantly, you can register here: There’s a discount in effect until the end of October, so register today!

I hope to see you in LA!