Silverlight RTM and SharePoint Blueprints Ship on Codeplex

Today, additional SharePoint and Silverlight Blueprints on CodePlex were uploaded to include two more Silverlight RTM samples: custom navigation in SharePoint and the colleague viewer. These blueprints provide samples for you to build and explore using Silverlight as an alternate way to develop and integrate powerful user experiences within SharePoint and add rich Internet application functionality to your SharePoint sites. Included in the overall set of samples are a Hello World sample, a Slider sample, and the recently added Custom Navigation and Colleague Viewer samples added today. You can download the samples along with documentation and screencasts at



Over the next few weeks, I'll publish a couple of other blog posts on Silverlight and SharePoint. I think there is tremendous opportunity here for building rich Internet applications that can also be thought of as OBAs. For example, think about skinning an integration with SAP with Silverlight and then dropping it into a SharePoint site. This not brings the LOB system world into SharePoint, but does it in a way that improves the look and feel of the UI as well as providing additional controls that you can build around the UI to, for example, filter on SAP, Dynamics or other LOB system data.


For more resources on how to integrate Silverlight and SharePoint, be sure to visit Keep an eye out on this site over the next few weeks, as we're going publish a new round of content for WCM and MOSS. Some cool SharePoint and Silverlight stuff will be shipping.


Happy coding!