Bizarre Coffee Machine Hack

I enjoyed reading the Hacking Coffee Makers post on Security Focus. Thanks to Barry Dorrans for sharing it with me via Twitter


Thanks to Faye Yu for the image (which isn't related to the story - it's just a nice looking coffee machine) - she's reserved some rights as explained here

It reminded me of the infamous story of one of the most popular webcams back in the "old days". You may know the details but the story that was passed by word of mouth to me was that someone worked in a building where the coffee machine was located in the building and they wanted to know when their brew was ready without having to wander all the way down there - being technical they rigged a webcam in the basement so they could keep an eye on the machine from their desk. As there was little to watch on the embryonic network that became the Internet people from other buildings and even other cities started connecting to watch his coffee machine - completely pointless!