Free webcast showing how to use Rights Management to stop information leaking from your organisation

I recently recorded a thiry minute webcast for a live TechNet audience. Please click here to view the replay - all you need is a Passport account to be able to view the session which includes a demonstration of how to use Rights Management in a production environment.

The abstract for the session is as follows:

It’s not fantasy to maintain control of information once you’ve shared it with people outside your network. We all (IT Professionals at least) carry mobile devices such as laptops around with us and receive (and send) information to customers partners and people within our organisations. Once you hit “send” then by default the recipient can do whatever they like with the content. Rights Management allows the author (you!) to define how the recipient will use the content enabling you to specify for example that the content is read only. Rights Management is built into Windows Server, there’s a free plug-in for Windows XP and it’s built into Microsoft Word Powerpoint Excel and Outlook. During this Coffee Break Webcast you’ll see it in action for yourself

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