Qik's video streaming is now available as an alpha release for Windows Mobile

For the last few months I've enjoyed watching live (and recorded) video being streamed from the mobile phones of quite a few interesting people in the Geek community. I've been a little frustrated that Qik was only available for Nokia devices - given their huge market share I can understand why it was the first platform to be supported.

I'm pleased to be able to share that Qik's alpha code is now available for Windows Mobile though still frustrated as it's only supported on the Samsung BlackJack and Motorola Q devices - my device is a HTC - hopefully they'll add support for more devices soon.

If you'd like to give Qik a whirl then all you have to do is browse to their sign up page.

If you have a supported device then it's well worth trying Qik as it's pretty cool - you may want to think carefully about what you choose to stream though as there's no delete button on the Internet!!!