Explaining Windows & the cloud


Clean. Elegant. Simple…not words that people typically use when talking about Microsoft but that’s what I’d say about the new Windows + Windows Live website that highlights the cloud capability of that pairing.

A friends mentioned a few days ago that they didn’t “get” the new Windows cloud adverts on TV. I’m not sure which one they were watching but the Windows Live Mesh overview is just what I needed to explain to my Dad what the service is all about.


I had a friend in town recently who was telling me how much she needed a program that would take the thousands of photos of her baby and turn them in to a movie. Has she heard of Windows Live Movie Maker? Nope…now she has though and she’s off doing exactly what she wanted.

It’s frustrating when friends and family ask me why Microsoft doesn’t do product x or y but for these two occasions, at least I now have a website I can point them to with the answers. The fact that the website is elegant is a nice bonus for me.