Lync day at Microsoft

I’m sat in Building 34 on Microsoft Campus in Redmond and just caught the end of the webcast from our Lync launch today in NYC. I missed the part with BillG but a fun moment to see him back “on stage” with ChrisCap. They have that famous moment together of course…

It’s been a crazy month of launches around here – Windows Phone 7, Kinect, Lync….the hits just keep on coming and I hope Wall Street is watching. There’s energy around Microsoft that I’ve not felt in a while. We’re back in the game in a number of places, creating some new games, and leading in others (IMHO).

As for Lync…I couldn’t live without it. I use it for everything from chatting with my boss in the UK, talking to my co-workers in San Francisco, pinging my friends back home in the UK and talking to my family at the weekend. It’s become part of the fabric of how I work and live…so much so that I almost forget about it.

The infographic and the list below pretty much covers why I dig Lync

  1. Unified experience. Go from an instant message, to a voice call, to a video call, to a meeting, to a shared whiteboard session – all within the same Lync 2010 experience.
  2. One-click web conference.   Use Outlook to set up a web conference with one-click of the mouse.
  3. Connect with family. While you’re travelling, use Lync to start a high-definition voice and video conversation with any Windows Live Messenger user around the world.
  4. Hush that annoying meeting participant.    When someone has poor audio on a conference call or lots of background noise, Lync will identify which phone to mute to improve quality – and productivity.
  5. Device switching. Switch between your head-set and phone in the middle of a call with device switching.  Use that same head-set to make a phone call using WiFi on an airplane.