Microsoft and Ford collaborate on Hohm

Ford, Microsoft Hohm to Make Electric Vehicle Ownership Easier, More Affordable

Microsoft and Ford have partnered for a while on on SYNC for integrated in car communications and entertainment. Today that partnership gets extended with the announcement that Hohm , our online residential energy management service, will appear in future Ford electric vehicles and the two companies are working with utility companies on the project. The Focus Electric will be the first Ford vehicle using the Microsoft Hohm energy management application

It’s pretty clear we’re moving inexorably towards a world of electric vehicles and we all know that our cars tend to have plenty of CPU horsepower in addition to BHP. With those CPU’s in the car comes more software to help make our lives easier and in this case, help people manage and understand their energy consumption. The idea is a world where your garage charges the car motor when electricity is at it’s cheapest…as one example.

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