Microsoft’s latest social experiment

Does Microsoft “get” social? Many would have you believe we don’t but I’d challenge that. Xbox Live, Messenger and all of the recent work between our Office and Bing teams with the folks down at Facebook. Perhaps no team gets social more than FUSE Labs….after all their name is an acronym for Future Social Experiences. They’re the folks behind Twitter maps on Bing, and other projects with names like Spindex and Emporia. At Web 2.0 this week, they showed another of their project – Montage.

Montage enables you to build a custom page of your own content mashed up from tweets and blog posts. It takes less than a minute to do so and the result looks something like my first attempt shown above – sort of a magazine of Banksy content.


I've been thinking a lot about how my startpage on the web should look and Montage just gave me the tool to start building what I think I need. We shall see…

Meantime, go take a look for yourself