Windows Phone 7 gets cloudy


Aaron over on the Windows Phone blog published a post yesterday that is getting a good amount of coverage, most notably around how Windows Phone 7 will connect to the cloud. As Aaron mentioned, the Windows Phone Live companion site will give people a central place to see pictures they’ve published, view their Windows Live calendar and contacts, exchange OneNote files and access other information shared between the phone and the Web. The site will give users 25GB of SkyDrive storage and host the Find My Phone service, which allows people to find and manage a missing phone with map, ring, lock and erase capabilities from your PC. All for free.

It took me back to a post Gizmodo wrote a few weeks back about Kin and what the service model behind Kin showed the potential for. Frankly, I think we’re just scratching the surface but this companion site is a great start. It doesn’t take much imagine where this is going when your devices are truly using the cloud as their central “memory” and even more so when you start to connect multiple devices (think TV, XBOX, PC, Mac) to that same store. Your stuff just starts to follow you and it gets really smart when your devices can make inferences based on past data and start to predict what you’ll want to do, or where you want to go. Kin Studio was widely applauded for showing this type of potential.

If that all sounds a bit nebulous, stay tuned as I have more to come on this topic.