Windows Phone 7 marketplace is fillin’ up


A few times a day now I check out the Windows Phone 7 marketplace from my phone and invariably there is a new app for me to try (or buy). I know, i know….Apple users have been enjoying this ADD like state for years but now us lowly Microsoft types can do the same :)

I’ve been impressed with the quality of the apps and though I’m still waiting for the official Twitter app to show up, I was beside myself with excitement when I noticed Seesmic’s app was in the marketplace last night. I can now get Twitter updates on my phone with a decent UI thanks to @loic and the crew. I’ve also added Shazam, Oinc, MSN Money, IMDB, eBay and FourSquare within the last day or so…oh and Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth for good measure. Seeing the LucasFilm logo and hearing the Star Wars theme tune arrested the attention in an Irish Bar yesterday. Oh and Xbox Live Frogger.

Okay so we don’t have 300,000 apps in the marketplace but lots of the key ones (for me at least) are already there. What’s missing? Well the aforementioned Twitter app - which I know is coming along with Netflix – and a decent augmented reality app would be nice. A few of the utility apps like my banking application would be cool too but for the moment, I have to say I’m pretty happy and very impressed with the quality of the apps. The Windows Phone team has set a high bar on the UI and functionality for apps and right now, it’s paying off. The Tesco app below is a fine example – clean and elegant I think, as is this app from our own Channel 9 team



What’ll show up tomorrow…I’ll continue to update you but the easiest way to keep track is installing Zune 4.7 and browsing the marketplace from there where you’ll see something like this…


You can search across the marketplace and install direct from Zune 4.7 to your device.

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