Another OMG meeting is over

I’ve just finished the OMG meeting in Jacksonville.  I got my first taste of the Board of Directors: it was bigger than I thought, but otherwise much as I expected.  We had interesting procedural and technical moves to get some standards through the Architecture Board: the way that some tools generate XML schemas from UML models leaves much to be desired, especially when you discover the problems at the last minute.

For me the most productive meetings were the UML 2.4 Revision Task Force, and the Architectural Ecosystem SIG.  We’re busily fixing issues with XMI interoperability in preparation for the UML Specification Simplification which will happen during the latter half of this year; and we’re working out facilities for enabling integration of different modelling languages and sources of information, both inside the OMG and elsewhere.   I am hoping that these facilities will eventually enable us to “unbundle” UML, i.e. to treat it as a loose federation of related modelling languages rather than the complicated monolith it is today.

I fly home this weekend.  Back there I will have some UML issue resolutions to write up, a talk to give about the role of modelling standards in Visual Studio, and some planning to do before my holiday at the end of next week.